Hello, I am Andrew Chen!

Passionate coder, classical music lover, special food maker.

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Ninja Coder

My years of programming with open-source technology have taking me along the lines of learning Java in college, to PHP as a CMS hacker with the LAMP stack and now to Ruby and Rails and Responsive Front-End Web Development. I am also a Linux enthusiast and I like to set up Linux for servers and hacking Linux to make it work as well.

Classical Music Lover

I am also an avid classical music listener. My interest of classical music started after the music appreciation class in college. I listen to classical music from the Baroque period all the way to the Romantic period. I like particularly musical compositions by Bach and Beethoven. One of the reasons I like classical music is because it is natural music played by natural instruments.

Special Food Maker

Besides classical music, I also enjoy cooking special foods especially oven baked ones with natural ingredients. I make yeast leavened bread and pastries such as flan, lemon meringue pie, apple pie, and others. I just love homemade food with natural ingredients.